The Amarterra Villa is a combination of new and traditional concepts in design. The spectacular entrance is decorated with massive roofed tower gate in Paduraksa style, or usually called kori agung that in terms of traditional Balinese symbolize you’re entering a special place. The majestic lobby is affluent with Balinese architecture and décor.

Indonesian heritage is also represented in the diverse collection of antiques in the open plan lobby, the restaurant and villas. Modern Balinese style is reflected in the architecture with the use of roofs, blending the buildings into the surrounding environment.

All villas are mirroring the traditional Balinese architecture, featuring spacious bedroom, lounge area and terrace where you can enjoy your very own romantic dinner. Red-wood walls, teakwood and coconut shell paneling, and sumptuous local fabrics create a refined atmosphere.

Overall it’s designed with Balinese architecture which can be reviewed from entering lobby area to rest of resort building. The design concept of this luxury villa is a celebration of Balinese culture and heritage.